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Donations / Wish List

We are always grateful for donations from the communities we serve!

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Our Amazon Wish List contains items our clients are frequently in need of. You can also find more wish list items and ways to donate below.

Donations allow us to provide services that would not otherwise be funded. Below is a list of items that would be helpful for us to provide the best care for our clients. Due to space constrictions, we are not able to accept donations of large/bulky items, such as furniture, clothing, or shoes, as we have no way of storing those items. Instead, we prefer donations of gift cards or vouchers for these items, so that our clients can go to the store and find the correct size and fit. 

Anyone wishing to drop off items from our wish list, we ask that you please call ahead to ensure someone can meet you at one of our offices. We can be reached at 570-829-2700. If shipping or mailing donations to us, please send them to:

Caring Communities, Attn: Donation, 60 Public Square, 7th Floor, Wilkes-Barre PA 18701.


We are a 501(c)3 non-profit and can e-mail/mail you a receipt in recognition of your donation. Please ensure you include your contact information if you would like a receipt e-mailed or mailed to you. 

Cash donations are the most helpful donations, because they can be utilized to assist our clients in just about any situation, enable us to provide patient assistance programs for our health & wellness clients, and can be utilized during unexpected emergencies, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, to get immediate help to our clients who need it the most. 100% of cash donations go directly to our clients and/or patients, and never to administrative costs. Donations can be made via our webpage,, or checks can be mailed to the address above 

Meat thermometers, vegetable peelers, measuring cups/spoons,

basic pots and pans, and other small kitchen gadgets

While we receive funding to provide healthy and nutritious food to our case managed clients, many lack the basic kitchen essentials to make healthy meals. We also educate clients about safe food handling, such as cooking meat to the proper temperatures, but without a meat thermometer at home, they can’t put into practice what they learn. These items help us remove barriers to healthy eating habits for our clients. 

Gift cards/vouchers for clothing retailers and shoe stores

Some of our case managed clients come to us with nothing but the clothes on their backs or lacking proper seasonal clothing to get through the cold NEPA winters. Gift cards for clothing retailers allow us to take the clients shopping for new clothing items.  

Gently used cell phones with chargers

We accept cell phones that are still in good working order, as many of our case managed clients have no private means of contacting us, health care providers, and other social service providers. Many share phones with other household members, which can compromise their confidentiality when it comes to their health needs. The ability to provide a client with their own phone vastly increases the likelihood that they will stay in care with medical providers. We prefer cell phones that are either “unlocked” or use pre-paid providers, such as Straight Talk, Boost, T-Mobile, Cricket, etc. 

Gift cards/vouchers for haircuts

Feeling well-groomed is an important part of good mental and physical health. Unfortunately, many of our case managed clients do not have the financial means to afford haircuts. Providing gift cards for these services allows them an opportunity to not only get a new haircut, but also does wonders for their self esteem and mood. It is also helpful for our clients who are searching for jobs and trying to move toward financial self-sufficiency. 

Small bags of dog and cat food, cat litter, other pet supplies, and gift cards/vouchers for veterinarian care

For many of our case managed clients, their pets are more than just pets, they are their only source of family and emotional support. Pets listen without judgement and give unconditional love, which is something many of our clients can’t say about the people in their lives. For this reason, we understand the mental health and overall well being of our clients often rests on the ability to continue caring for their pets. Our funding does not allow us to purchase pet food, supplies, or health care, which is why donations of these items and services are so appreciated. 

Travel Sized Toiletry Items

Donations of these items allow us to put together small hygiene kits to give to our case managed and health & wellness clients who may be in need of such items. 

Gift cards for U-Haul/Moving Van Companies

While we have funding to assist our case managed clients in finding secure, permanent housing, we do not have funding to help them move their items into new housing. For some clients, this can drastically impact how quickly we can get them into a safe, stable living environment.  

Bottled water, bottled juice, and individually wrapped pre-packaged snack items

These items are used for case managed clients, who often come to our office having eaten nothing that day because they have no food at home. While we do provide them with non-perishable food items to take home to cook, we would also like to be able to offer them something to eat immediately. Additionally, these items are also used by our health & wellness clients who may need to eat something with the medication they are accessing. 

Gift cards/vouchers for automotive repair shops

One of the biggest struggles our case managed clients face, especially in our counties without access to public transportation, is the upkeep of their vehicles. For these clients, being unable to repair a vehicle can mean the loss of a job, disconnecting from needed medical care, and social isolation.  

Gift cards/vouchers for appliance repair/servicing companies

Many of our case managed clients struggle with their daily living expenses. An unexpected appliance breakdown can leave them without heat, hot water, refrigeration, and other necessities of life.  

Gift Cards for Gas Stations

Transportation is one of the biggest barriers our clients face, especially those who live outside areas with public transportation or who need to travel places public transportation doesn’t go. Our agency can assist with transportation for medical appointments only. We recognize there are other essential non-medical destinations clients might need to get to, such as other social service providers, housing providers, job interviews, etc, which we can not pay for without donations from the community. 

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