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 Pharmacy Services

Caring Communities works with Coordinated Care Network (CCN) to provide clients with easy access to their medications.
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1-on-1 Personal Care

Clients will receive a personalized, dedicated team consisting of:

  • Care Representative
    The Care Representative will provide monthly check-ins to review medications and set up easy deliveries. Representatives can also assist with finding financial programs and working through insurance authorizations.

  • Pharmacist
    Clients will have 24/7 access to a specialty-trained pharmacist who can answer any questions and discuss the best ways to manage treatment.

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Mail-Order Prescriptions

Clients will have the ability to choose their preferred way to confidentially and discreetly receive medications, including:

  • Where and when to receive free delivery

  • Type of packaging:

    • Medication bottles

    • Multi-dose pillboxes

    • Individual, easy-to-open packages​​

  • Courier Service:

    • USPS

    • UPS

    • FedEx

CCN also offers PrEP, HIV, and Hepatitis C counseling in additional to a culturally sensitive staff.

Please visit CCN's website for more information.

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