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New Logo Announcement

Over the last few years, the agency has undergone a variety of changes and expansions including the addition of new programs and staff members and the opening of new offices and clinics. We’ve incorporated new technologies designed to better render services to our clients and patients, and have initiated a comprehensive advertising campaign to inform the public at large about our vital and necessary services.

While these changes have been a lot of work, they’ve also yielded a level of excitement the likes of which this agency has never seen. As we move ahead, we’re poised to embark on even grander initiatives to better serve our local communities.

In an effort to underscore our accomplishments and prepare us to move forward, Caring Communities has undergone a change in branding. This new agency logo is simplified and designed to allow us to expand our service provision exponentially while giving us instant recognition.

So, stand by and ready yourselves for this exciting moment and stay tuned for even more great changes on the way at Caring Communities!


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